PDC Round (360°)
PCD cutters are used on floor grinding scraper/plate to remove
 the thick epoxy, glue, paint and other uneven coating of concrete,
terrazzo and stone floor,showing a flat and brand new floor, etc. 

Great for thick coating removal, very aggressive. 
For best results remove bulk of coating without continued contact with concrete. 


To be brazed on floor grinding scraper, which are suitable for removing all types of stubborn coatings, such as paint, glue, epoxy, acrylic, screed residue, mastic, black tar adhesive as well as thick rubbery material, etc.


Available Sizes:

Typically use type 1304/1308 round, cylinder, bullet type, etc. 

And other size are available as request.



Very aggressive for heavy and fast coating removal, strong grinding force.

Tightly holds the floor even on rough concrete.

High efficiency with long lifespan.

Not easy collapse edge.



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