PCD Tips for Wood Cutting
The PCD woodworking tips can be used for solid wood, veneer and plastic edge bands, especially for CNC machine of woodworking industry, furniture industry, and other wood processing industries, and so on. For instance, machining work for laminated wood flooring, multi-layer solid wood engineered flooring, bamboo flooring, solid wood door, etc.


PCD Tips are cut from home made raw PCD blanks, also raw PCD from world famous companies including Element Six, DI (GE), ILJIN, SMITH,SUMITOMO and TOMEI, etc.


Cutting Technology: 

Laser Cutting or Wire EDM Cutting.


Grain Size: 

Typically grain size of 2μ/5μ/10μ are ideal for woodworking.



Rectangular, square, triangle, rhombus, and other shapes as request.


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