PCD Tips for Metal Machining
The metal machining PCD tips are suitable for the machining of non-ferrous metal and alloys, such as aluminum, silicon-aluminum alloy, copper, brass and bronze alloys, zinc and magnesium alloys, etc., where high abrasion resistance, thermal conductivity and good surface finish are required.

The main controlling factor determining PCD grade(the work piece surface finish and the abrasion resistance(tool life) is the grain size. It is generally accepted that abrasion resistance increases with increased grain size, and the work piece surface finish are increases with the decreasing grain size. The medium grain size PCD blanks are generally used for their ability to strike a balance between good abrasion resistance (tool life) and maintaining good work piece surface finish.



PCD Tips are manufactured from home made raw PCD blanks, also PCD from world famous companies including Element Six, DI (GE), ILJIN, SMITH,SUMITOMO and TOMEI, etc.


Cutting Technology: 

Laser Cutting or Wire EDM Cutting.



Rectangular, square, triangle, rhombus, ring, sector, and other shapes as request.


PCD Blanks for machining non-ferrous metal

Item No.






Fine Grain Size

1.Average grain size:5μm
2.High diamond content over 90%
3.Laser cutting or Wire EDM Cutting

Aluminum,Brass/Copper,Precious metals,Wood composites,Plastic

Excellent surface finish


Medium Grain Size

1.Average grain size:10μm
2.High diamond content over 90%
3.Laser cutting or Wire EDM Cutting

<14% Si/Al alloys,Copper alloys,Graphite and graphite composites,Green ceramics and carbides

Excellent resistance,good surface finish


Coarse Grain Size

1.Average grain size:25μm
2.High diamond content over 90%
3.Laser cutting or wire EDM cutting

>14% Si/Al alloys,metal matrix composites,

Bi metals(aluminum/castiron),

sintered ceramics and carbides

Long life,extremely high wear resistance



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