PDC Cutter for Drilling
PDC (Poly-crystalline Diamond Compact) drill bit is made with PDC cutter brazed to matrix body.
With higher strength and impact resistance of tungsten carbide as the body, the bit has good anti-erosive and the increased the toughness.
With the high abrasion resistance, impact resistance and good thermal stability features of
PDC cutters, Drill bits using PDC cutters provide faster, more durable and more cost-effective drilling.

Available size and grade:

From 6mm to 22mm in diameter, and 3mm to 19mm in length. Special purpose PDC cutters can be designed and manufactured with different diameters, lengths, shapes, and chamfer upon request.


We supply different PDC cutter grades which are suitable for drilling soft, soft-medium, medium hard, hard and tough formations.


Available types:

PCD shapes include round, cylinder, bullet type, dome, conical and chisel types, etc. And other shapes are available as request.



Mainly used in water well, geothermal well, degassing hole, drain hole, and grouting hole of coal mine, oil and gas drilling, etc.


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