PCD Reaming Tools
PCD Reamers for aluminium and non-ferrous metal used for precision hole machining in metal processing industry with great surface treatment.

PCD Reamer used for lots of industry fields including automotive,aerospace,hydraulic and energy industries, etc.

PCD Step Reamer used for precision hole machining for metal processing industry with great surface treatment. Work pieces such as various materials, such as cylinder head, cylinder block, transmission, auto piston, auto engine, crankshaft, and so on.  





Materials to be Processed

Processing Objects

Nonferrous Metal

Aluminum, Aluminum Alloy

Piston, cylinder, wheel hub, transmission case, pump body, admission pipe and various shell parts for cars and motorcycles.

Tank body, shell and compressor parts for airplanes and electro mechanical products.

Precision machinery parts for cameras, duplicators and metrical instruments.

Parts for pump body and oil press.

Copper, Copper Alloy

Axle, bearing bush, bearing and pump body for internal combustion engines and ships.

Parts for various instruments, dynamo commutators, printed boards and electronic apparatus.

Bearing, bearing bush, valve and shell body.

Tungsten Carbide

Valve seat and cylinder, and semi-finished sintering.


Various nonferrous metal parts such as magnesium and zinc.



Hardwood, artificial board, artificial abrasion resistant fiberboard.

Reinforced Plastic

Glass fiber and carbon fiber reinforced plastic.


Roller for paper and rubber ring.


Carbon rod.


Sealing ring and plunger piston, and semi-finished sintering.


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