HPHT White Synthetic Diamond 
Synthetic diamonds, also known as lab-grown diamonds,cultured diamond, cultivated diamond or artificial diamond, is produced using an artificial process. The most common manufacturing method is to put the carbon rod into the cubic press, and then synthesized by high temperature and high pressure.

HPHT white diamonds show similar properties like natural diamonds and can be manufactured at a lower cost. Now we have the technology to grow diamonds under the environment of HPHT( the high pressure high temperature)and cvd. This kind of synthetic diamonds have the same optical, physical and chemical properties as natural diamonds.

Synthetic polished white diamond is grown in laboratory by HPHT technology, which is by simulating the natural diamond growing environment. This kind of lab grown diamond has the same character of natural diamond, such as transparent color, high clarity and same crystalline structure. It's growth mechanism determines every grain of diamond crystals grown under laboratory conditions has a unique feature , that can grow out of color,clarity achieve top quality (D color,VVS clarity)crystals,what's more,we can also produce diamonds in different colors by using different doping processes.


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White HPHT Diamond




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