CVD Diamond Insert
CVD diamond has the advantage of high hardness,strong wear resistance and strong stability. Compared to PCD tools,the working life of CVD tools is several times better than PCD tools in the finishing of aluminum, copper, tungsten alloy and other non-metal parts in automobile parts and other industries.

The polished CVD diamond has excellent finish and low friction coefficient which can reduce the cutting force and friction heat that greatly release high chip load on the cutting edge.


With CVD diamond tools, high efficiency machining of hard materials can be achieved such as glass-fibre reinforced plastics,high-silicon aluminum alloy.Bond-free makes CVD diamond tools suit for machining corrosion materials with high speed and long service life.

Available types: CVD insert 35°, CVD insert 55°,CVD insert 60°,CVD insert 80°, etc.



● Aluminum and aluminum alloys 

● Copper, brass and bronze alloys 

● Zinc and magnesium alloys 

● Carbon Fiber

● Epoxy resins 

● Plastics

● Fiberglass composites 

● Graphite composites 


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