CVD Diamond Blank and Tips
Poly-crystalline CVD (chemical vapour deposition) synthetic diamond products are manufactured by a chemical vapour deposition (CVD) process. CVD Diamond tips are cut from CVD diamond blank, which mainly used for cutting application.



  1. The thermal conductivity is much higher than PCD, and higher cutting speed can be used.

  2. Sharp, higher chemical inertness.

  3. Superior edge quality suitable for applications where mirror finishes are required..

  4. It has a very low coefficient of friction, cemented carbide and PCD will bond the work piece materials, CVD diamond is not sticky.

  5. The low friction coefficient also enables CVD diamond tools to withstand large cutting loads, making cutting faster and more efficient.



    CVD diamond is an ideal solution for cutting tool applications, especially in continuous and finish machining. Suitable for the machining of abrasive work piece such as metal matrix composites, high silicon aluminium alloys as well as for the machining of carbide, hard rubber, graphite and other Non-ferrous material applications.


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