Diamond Micron Powder
Synthetic diamond micron powders are diamond finer particles resulting from the crushing, shaping, purifying and grading of coarser grades, the size is mostly micron or sub-micron size.


Regular crystal, perfect shape, low impurity, high toughness, good self sharp capacity, good thermal stability and wear resistance, good particle morphology and strictly narrow PSD.


Processing object:

Grinding or polishing glass, ceramic, stones, concrete, gemstone, hard alloy, wire die, sapphire, semiconductors, etc.



Suitable for precise processing, like polishing, lapping, normal grinding and fine grinding, also used for resin,vitrified, metal bonds and electroplated tooling, as well as grinding paste and PCD.


Available Size Range: 0-0.25 to 40-60


Grade and Applications:


Produced from the best quality saw diamonds, size distribution is evenly distributed, high toughness, high purity, suitable for high required lapping, polishing, PCD, high grade diamond tools, grinding paste, etc.



Produced from the yellow RVD diamonds, the size distribution is equal, few impurities, suitable for processing all kinds of gems, stones, glass, ceramic and related tools, also for grinding paste.



Produced from the green RVD diamonds, the size distribution is comparatively equal, a few impurities, more edges, suitable for processing efficiency and not for high polishing requirement field.


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