Micron Powder for Wire Saw
Diamond micron powder for diamond wire saw, made of premium grade MBD diamond raw materials.
precision treated by special re-shaping and grading, strictly removing small&oversize particles, good particle morphology and strictly narrow PSD, lower magnetic, high content of effective grinding particles to enhance wear resistance.


High intensity and purity, regular crystal shape, highly concentrated particle size distribution & effective particles, strictly control of rod-like and flaky shape particle, high and sharp cutting efficiency, superior dispersity and wear resistance.



Available Size Range: 0-0.5μm ~ 40-60μm



Suitable for the cutting, grinding and polishing of the organic and inorganic hard brittle materials, such as the tools of wire saw, gem blade, semiconductor blade, also used for the fine grinding and polishing of advanced materials such as mono-crystalline silicon, poly-crystalline silicon,gemstones, sapphire, quartz, LCD glass, semiconductor materials, etc.

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