Carbide Threading Insert
Carbide threading inserts are the most common material type, 
as they allow for higher cutting speeds than tool steel and 
can retain a sharper cutting edge. Available as external or 
internal threading inserts, they usually fit into a right-hand tool holder that is specifically designed to accept inserts.

Available types11ER, 16ER, 22ER, 11NR, 16NR, 22NR, 16IR, 22IR, etc.   

Grades: P10-P30, K01-K30, M10-M35

Coating: PVD /CVD



1.Full profile design ensures the precision of threads.

2.High toughness and Long tool life.

3.Ideal surface finish while stable cutting.

4.Stability and security in productive turning.

5.High toughness and low cutting force.



Carbide threading inserts are suitable for carbon steel, alloy steel, cast steel, stainless steel, cast iron, aluminium alloy and copper alloy machining.


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