Diamond Blades Production Steps
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Summary:This artical introduced Asia Diamond's production technology of diamond saw blades.

1. Matrix detection.  Most of our blade matrix is made from 65Mn steel. Nine quality aspects are strictly detected, including end jump, diameter jump, tension, flexural strength and groove design, etc., so as to ensure that the finished saw blade is resistant to high temperature, fast heat dissipation, strong toughness, steady cutting, non-deformation, non-deflection.


2. Oil removal of matrix.  We will to remove oil and impurities on the surface of the matrix by automatic oil removal equipment, which will be conducive to the solid welding between diamond tips and steel matrix.


3.High frequency welding. We use automatic high frequency welding machines to make sure the holding strength is firm, the welding seam is smooth and fine.


4. Laser welding.  For reinforced concrete, airport runway, concrete beam column mixed with steels , steel mixed road and other difficult cutting materials, we usually make saw blades by laser welding technology, to ensure accurate cutting, never lose teeth, and environmental and safe protection.


5. Welding strength testing.  Our saw blades are tested by automatic standard atmospheric pressure detector, to ensure the cutting tips are firm and do not drop down.


6. Flatness detection.  We will carry out flatness detection for all blades, to make sure each welding seam is aligned with the middle line of the diamond tip. The gradient of the tips on both sides of the matrix is the about 0.45mm, with an tolerance of 0.05mm.


7. Grinding the blade edge.  We grind the blades cutting edges by double-sided grinder machines. So the finished saw blades can be used directly without sharpening.


8. Polishing of the blades.  We will carry out surface treated by polishing machine, to make sure the blade surface is clean without burn marks, casting marks and other industrial marks, which will reduce the friction coefficient.


9. Cleaning of saw blade.  There will leave a lot of metal dust on the surface after welding, grinding and polishing process, in order to ensure a good condition for painting process, we will clean the saw blades by automatic cleaning machine.


10. Painting of the blades.  We operate harmless spray paint treatment process in painting workshop, make sure the varnish or paint cover the blade surface uniformly, which can isolate water/oxygen effectively.


11. Drying the coating.  After the painting, saw blades are transferred to the paint baking room, drying and cooling according to the procedures, to make sure the smooth and even surface of the blades.


12. Laser marking.  We use TELESIS laser marking system and imported laser engraving machine in the marking process, which makes the marks clear and beautiful, we supply customized laser marking service for you.


13. Packing.  Automatic packing machine with manual packing, make sure the package is clean and tidy, and the high packing speed. Typically, goods are packed in 3 packages, including standard export carton, plastic/plywood pallet, plywood wooden case, we will choose suitable packages according to order.


14. Inventory.  To save your time, for our normal specifications, we usually maintain a daily inventory of typical sizes of blades, so as to increase your product turnover rate and maximize your interests.


15. Delivery.  Cooperate with famous domestic and abroad logistics enterprises, to make sure the timeliness, safety, traceable delivery and excellent service.

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