Diamond Tips Production Technology
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Summary:Diamond tips are the important part of diamond tools. This artical introduced the whole production process of Asia Diamond's diamond tips.

1.Formula design.  Order will be sent to the R&D center, then engineers will design the exclusive formula according to clients requirements. The formula will be delivered to the powder mixing center.

2. Powder preparation.  Technicians will precisely mix the diamond single crystal, various matrix powders in the powder preparation center according to the order formula. 

3. Vacuum titanium-plating.  Put diamond grains and titanium powder into the vacuum plating equipment in proportion, vertical rotating at a constant speed, vacuum and heated to above 800 ℃ for 1-2 hours, then cooling 40 minutes, to make sure that the diamond particles coating perfect, resistant in high temperature, pressure& oxidation. 

4. Mix the matrix powder.   To mix the matrix powder with pre-alloyed powder, which can improve the mechanical properties and increase the sintering activity of the matrix. 

5. 3D mixing process.  Using 3D universal CNC mixing equipment,stirring diamonds and matrix powders under the condition of constant temperature& pressure, ensure titanized diamond grains and bond of powder are fully mixed and organized in equilibrium, to increase the holding strength to the diamond crystal.  

6. The cold pressing of single-chip.  Selecting suitable molds according to the order, and put the fully mixed powder into the automatic cold pressing machine, by using the bi-directional pressing method, to ensure the forming cold pressing sheet has a uniform density, a consistent specific gravity, and a weight error below0.03g.  

7. The dressing of molds.  To prevent the deformation/uneven thickness/Angle difference/lack of flatness/Angle loss of the mould, and other situations caused by cold pressing process, our workers must test and correct the mold timely, and trim or scrap the molds if problems are found. 

8. Weight testing.  The completed diamond tips will be transferred to the production quality inspection center, to carry out weight detection. The deviation value is 0.03g. 

9. Dimension detection.  We adopt 3 methods including manual measurement, laser proofreading and computer scanning to detect the specification parameters of diamond tips, to ensure that the deviation value is less than or equal to 0.1mm. 

10. Resistivity detection.  We detect the resistivity of diamond tips, using resistivity testing instrument, to calculate the purity, mesh and thermal conductivity of the single crystal in tips. 

11. Density detection.  We use analytical balance to detect the volume and density of diamond tips. 

12. Oxygen content detection.  We use the oxygen content measurement instrument to test the oxygen content of tips, to ensure the oxygen content is less than or equal to 0.02%. 

13. Hot pressing.  Equipped into three layers (A-B-A sheets) or two layers (AB sheets).  

14. Hot-pressing sintering.  We use electronic sintering machine to program different sintering procedures, to make sure tips are high density and excellent performance.

15. Cooling of the mold.  We use electronic cooling machine to cool the molds before mold removal.

16. Removal of the molds.  After the cooling, we remove the molds to get the rough diamond tips. In normal circumstances, the molds lifetime is 50 times of hot pressing . 

17. Hardness testing.  We will test the diamond tips again after removal of the molds. Using "static testing method" and "dynamic testing method" . To ensure the hardness of tips fit standard.

18. Density detection.  The density detection is carried out on the tips of drilling tools, by using of analytical balance, to ensure the distribution of matrix and diamond particles are balanced.

19. The mechanical polishing.  Technician will put the tips into the shaping roller, to remove burrs.

20. Fine grinding and polishing.  Technician puts tips into the automatic arc grinding machine for secondary fine grinding, to ensure the size of tips are fit the demand, accurate to 0.03mm.

21. The sandblasting coating.  Diamond tips will be coated by automatic sandblasting machine to ensure the good appearance/impact/oxidation/corrosion resistance after coating, . 

22. The appearance inspection.  After coating sandblasting, tips are sent to the quality inspection center for OQC quality inspection, to ensure the appearance of tips are smooth and free from burr.

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