PCD Tooling
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What is PCD?

Polycrystalline Diamond comprises of a polycrystalline aggregate of manufactured diamonds approximately 0.5 - 0.8mm thick bonded to a substrate of cemented tungsten carbide 1.1 - 2.4mm thick.

The composite substance combines the hardness and high thermal conductivity of diamond with the brazeability of tungsten carbide. The micron-sized manufactured diamonds are randomly oriented to give consistent wear-resisting properties in all directions.

What are the advantages of PCD?

PCD is an excellent cutting material because it wears exceptionally well. The micron-sized manufactured diamonds of PCD are randomly oriented to give consistent wear across the cutting edge. The wear rate of PCD cutting edges is not only much less then carbide, but also much more even; PCD wears by erosion rather than edge breakdown.

When used properly, end users can expect 30 times the tool life when compared to carbide; In some cases, up to 120 times the tool life. Not only does it wear evenly and increase tool life, PCD use cuts down on the end user's tool change and setup time which saves money and increases productivity.

Who is PCD right for?

PCD performs exceptionally well in CNC woodworking machines even in plastic cutting and non-ferrous metals. PCD tooling is not recommended for hand operated tools. Some examples of uses included Panel Saws, Router Bits, Cutter Heads, and many more.

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